Let's Be Real… Obama Is No Lincoln He's Just a Typical Copperhead

All of these Lincoln comparisons really need to stop.
Cut-and-run Obama is no Abe Lincoln.
He’s just your typical Copperhead like the democrats of 1864.

Although the country’s sacrifice was much greater in 1864 when 625,000 Americans lost their lives than in Iraq where we’ve lost 4,227 Americans, the democratic party and their leader Barack Obama remain the same.

Today’s democrats are much like the copperheads of 1864 who quit then, too.
This image from a famous Thomas Nast illustration exposed the hypocrisy of the 1864 Democratic Platform

While totally undermining the Union Army, and what it was trying to do, the Copperhead Democrats at the time went on to allege their support for the individual soldiers and their families. (Son of the South)

Mackubin Thomas Owens wrote about the “Copperheads Then and Now” at National Review Online in March 2007 when the current democrats were surrendering to the terrorists in Iraq:

The book, Copperheads: The Rise an Fall of Lincoln’s Opponents in the North, by journalist-turned-academic-historian Jennifer Weber, shines the spotlight on the “Peace Democrats,” who did everything they could to obstruct the Union war effort during the Rebellion. In so doing, she corrects a number of claims that have become part of the conventional wisdom. The historical record aside, what struck me the most were the similarities between the rhetoric and actions of the Copperheads a century and a half ago and Democratic opponents of the Iraq war today…

It is certain that the Union soldiers tired of hearing from the Copperheads that the Rebels could not be defeated. They surely tired of being described by the Copperheads as instruments of a tyrannical administration trampling the legitimate rights of the Southern states. The soldiers seemed to understand fairly quickly that the Copperheads preferred Lincoln’s failure to the country’s success. They also recognized that the Copperheads offered no viable alternative to Lincoln’s policy except to stop the war. Does any of this sound familiar?

Today, Democratic opponents of the Iraq war echo the rhetoric of the Copperheads. As Lincoln was a bloodthirsty tyrant, trampling the rights of Southerners and Northerners alike, President Bush is the world’s worst terrorist, comparable to Hitler.

The historical parallels between the Civil War era Copperheads and Barack Obama and the current antiwar Democrats are noteworthy:

* They assert that the United States is responsible for world terrorism.
* They believe that Iraqis are incapable of democratic self government.
* They assert that President Bush has become a tyrant and is bent upon destroying civil liberties.
* They assert that the War in Iraq is a national and international tragedy which we cannot win and which must be ended, even if that ending is a victory for the terrorists.

Obviously, this more accurately describes Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of today who have purposely done everything in their power to hamper the efforts of President Bush and our military in Iraq.

Two Copperheads: Barack Obama and George B. McClellan who ran on the 1864 Democratic ticket.

In fact the only difference between Barack Obama and the Copperheads of 1864 is that this time the copperheads were voted in.
God help us.

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UPDATE: Commenter Terry Gain gets it–

Despite fierce opposition from the Democrats Lincoln (Bush) saw the mission through to completion.

Lincoln saw his nation suffer 700,000 deaths rather than see it broken into two.

Bush saw his nation suffer 4200 deaths rather than concede Iraq to Al Qaeda and Iran.

Obama agitated to surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda and Iran and not even the prospect of genocide deterred him from his devotion to that goal. And he pursued this goal for at least a year after it was obvious that Iraq was being inexorably pacified. He then claimed to be surprised by the success of The Surge.

Obama is the polar opposite of Lincoln.

If Lincoln were Obama, then today Obama would be a slave rather than POTUS.


UPDATE: Power Line has more absurd Lincoln comparisons by the MSM.

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