Israel Supporters Counter Pro-Hamas Rally In St. Louis

The St. Louis Instead of War Coalition sponsored a pro-Hamas walk today in University City. A few hundred people showed up on this bitterly cold day and walked down through the U City “Loop” and then dispersed.

In response, Daniel I. and his high school buddies organized a counter-protest at city hall in University City. About a 30 supporters of israel showed up according to one report.
Nice work guys!

Here’s Daniel and the pro-Israel bunch:


There was no trouble. One man from the Israeli counter-protest who followed the march for blocks on the other side of the street and continually shouted at them.
The American Muslim has a report on the protest.

Meanwhile… Jonn Lilyea has photos from the DC Pro-Hamas Protest today.

Also… There’s a pro-Israel protest tomorrow in Denver.

Geobent has photos from the Seattle rally today.

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