Iranian TV Uses Gaza Conflict to Teach Children About Martyrdom (Video)

Iranian Romper Room Kaboom–
The regime in Iran is using the current conflict in Gaza to teach children about the magnificence of martyrdom.
MEMRI TV reported:

Aired on Channel 1 (Iran) – December 29, 2008 – 00:03:53 : Iranian Toddlers Are Taught about Martyrdom and the Hatred of Zionists against the Backdrop of the Gaza Fighting

MEMRI has the transcript of the twisted brainwashing:

TV host: “Tell me, children, you are all wearing kaffiyeh scarves. What are you trying to show? That you are friends of the Palestinian children, and that you are all worried because of what is going on.

What did the enemy do? It turned the oppressed children of Gaza into martyrs. It turned their families – their parents – into martyrs as well. These children were defenseless. They were so young that they didn’t know anybody but their parents.

“Except for strolling down the street and looking for a flower to smell, these children didn’t do anything. They didn’t understand what war is. They didn’t understand what murder, massacre, and crime are. They didn’t understand what evil is. But before they had time to grow up, they got a taste of the enemy’s evil.


“We all loathe those enemies. We all loathe them. We are furious at them. We identify with the Palestinian children.


“Suppose we put ourselves in the position of the Palestinian children – why not? Kids, let’s put ourselves in the position of the Palestinian children – of the children of Gaza. What do you think we would do if we were in their position? Would we surrender, or would we fight back? You tell me…”

Children in unison: “Fight back.”

Child: “We would all get together so we could fight…”

TV host: “…the enemies and the bad people. That’s right, we would struggle against them and fight them. What do you say?”

Second child: “Our country… We must…”

TV host: “…defend it…”

Second child: “We will struggle until we win.”

TV host: “Well done.



The regime also held another baby martyrs rally today in Tehran:

The mothers dressed their babies up as Palestinian martyrs for the occasion. (ISNA)



This followed yesterday’s “kids with coffins rally” sponsored by the regime.

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