TERROR THREAT: Somali-Linked Jihadists May Disrupt Inauguration

Homeland Security issued a possible terror threat linked to a Minnesota suicide bomber cell.
At least 18 young Somali men have left the Minneapolis area to fight the jihad in Somalia this past year. Authorities found pieces of one of the missing men Shirwa Ahmed in Somalia in October. Shirwa had blown himself up killing himself and 29 of his countrymen. His scattered remains were flown back home to Minnesota in December for burial.

Shirwa Ahmed was laid to rest in a Burnsville, Minnesota cemetery in December.
He blew himself up in Somalia in October- killing 29.
FOX News reported:

WASHINGTON — Authorities monitored a rush of intelligence leads Tuesday at the largest security operation in presidential inauguration history, including a possible threat from an East Africa radical Islamic terrorist group.

Law enforcement and intelligence officials received information that people associated with a Somalia-based group, al-Shabaab, might try to travel to the U.S. with plans to disrupt the inauguration, according to a joint FBI/Homeland Security bulletin issued Monday night. The information had limited specificity and uncertain credibility, said Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke.

U.S. counter-terror officials have grown concerned in recent months about the threat posed by the militant al-Shabaab group and a cell of U.S.-based Somali sympathizers who have traveled to their homeland to “fight alongside Islamic insurgents,” the alert reported.


Officials told FOX News that they are actively exploring whether a link exists with two Americans of Somali descent recently identified as suicide bombers in Somalia.

Authorities stressed that the warning was posted as a precaution as part of the massive effort to monitor intelligence traffic and check out all leads in advance of President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. Officials have warned that the inauguration poses an attractive target for terrorists because of the large crowds descending on the nation’s capital and the historic significance of the country swearing in its first black president.

“As always, we remind the public to be both thoughtful and vigilant about their surroundings, and to notify authorities of any suspicious activity,” Knocke said.

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