Hamas Apologist Alan Colmes Defends the Jew Killers (Video)

On Hannity and Colmes— Alan Colmes, who is Jewish, defends the Jew-killing terrorists of Hamas. Aaron Cohen, a former Israeli Special Forces Operative, was on the show to discuss the Israeli operations against Hamas. Colmes attacked the former special ops soldier for defending Israel.

Alan Colmes put on an outrageous display of support for the Jew killers of Hamas:

Even Cohen’s final remark about “protecting the kids and our children,” did not seem to move Colmes. It was disgusting.
Alan Colmes is leaving the show this month to try things on his own… But not before he trashes Israel and props up the terrorists of Hamas.
Bye Alan.

Miss Underestimated has further thoughts on the exchange.


UPDATE: Now Colmes claims the NY Times coverage is too Pro-Israel.

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