Busted- Gaza Fauxtographer With a Footwear Fetish

Gaza Foot Fauxtographer Busted–

Legal Insurrection noticed a startling photo today of a bombed out building in Gaza posted at The New York Times:

The photo shows a colorful child’s shoe in a blackened, bombed out hallway.
It is a disturbing image.

But, surprisingly, that was not the first time Abid Katib has happened to come across colorful children’s shoes after an Israeli raid.
Here’s a photo from after a different attack:



Here’s another photo from a supposed Israeli attack:

It was later believed that this destruction was caused by a Palestinian bomb:

Legal Insurrection found several more odd shoe photos by Abid Katib.

These shoe shots are similar to a fauxtography phenomenon we witnessed during the Israeli-Hezbollah War in 2006 where the media published several artificial-seeming scenes that smacked of the photographers’ handiwork.
Zombie pointed out this toy collection:

The Passion of the Toys
Using children’s toys, like using children’s shoes, is a very effective tool for the photographer turned propagandist.

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