Harry Reid Then & Now On Gen Petraeus: From Liar to Genius (Video)

It wasn’t that long ago that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he didn’t believe General Petraeus… That Petraeus was a liar… That the war was lost.

But, that was back when Harry Reid was voting to surrender Iraq to Iran and the terrorists. Now, that it is obvious that we are winning in Iraq despite everything that Harry Reid and his party did to push defeat, Reid suddenly sees Petraeus as a genius.

Oh… And, Reid wants to take credit for the victory. He now says that Petraeus is a genius and that he agreed with genius Petraeus all along.
Ergo- Harry Reid is a genius, too!
…Pretty slick, huh?


Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) now says General Petraeus will go down in history as a brilliant military genius:
(1 minute 4 seconds)

It would be nice if in the mainstream media would pay more attention to these conflicting positions.
As Valerie says in the comments:

We still need the press, but we desperately need a different press corps.

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