Former Gitmo Detainees Want Apology & Reparations From Obama

Former Gitmo detainee Muhammad Saad was held by the US for 6 years and released in 2008.

He wants Obama to apologize to him, his nation, Muslims…
And, to pay him some reparation money for his suffering.
The Daily Times reported:

LAHORE: United States President Barack Obama’s decision to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre is a mere whitewash, Muhammad Saad, a former inmate, said on Sunday.

Saad said Obama has to apologise to the prisoners, to their families and their societies. “They have to apologise to the Muslim world and a whole generation. That’s the least he could do. He should pledge these atrocities will never be repeated and compensate those who suffered any kind of torture.”

Pakistani security officials say ex-inmates are subject to strict police vigilance and most of the more than 60 Pakistanis who have been released are monitored by law enforcement agencies. “They (the Americans) have destroyed so many lives. They have turned intelligent, healthy human beings into vegetables,” Saad said. afp

Maybe Saad could get Democrats to add Gitmo reparations to their bailout plan.
Every other Leftist cause is getting paid.
Why not Gitmo?


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