Disgusting!… Buchanan Accuses Israel of 'Blitzkrieg' & 'Concentration Camps'

Vile Nazi sympathizer and accused plagiarizer Pat Buchanan denounced Israel for carrying out a “blitzkrieg” against Gaza and turning it into a “concentration camp” today in an interview on “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”
This was just outrageous. It’s time to let this Neo-Nazi go.

NewsBusters has the story and transcript:

DAVID SHUSTER: A lot of people have criticized Israel for its “disproportionate response.” And yet, after 9-11, the United States went into Afghanistan and killed a lot of people–some would argue a lot more than were killed with 9-11. What’s the difference?

PAT BUCHANAN: Well, the difference is, in my judgment, Afghanistan, that was–al Qaeda was responsible for bringing down those towers. If the Afghans had dealt with them, given us Osama Bin Laden, then we would not have gone in. We had a justification. That was an act of war. The Israelis have been hit for six months with these little rockets that didn’t kill anybody. It was outrageous, cruel and stupid, and they triggered a blitzkrieg against the Palestinians in Gaza, which in my judgment is an Israeli concentration camp, where a million-and-a-half people are locked up, cannot come out or go in. They’ve been controlling food, electricity, fuel. And the innocent people in Gaza are the ones suffering.

Newsbusters has the video.

Related… Earlier today Cardinal Renato Martino, a top Vatican official in the “peace” department, also compared the Gaza Strip to “a concentration camp.”
Martino later defended his comments on Thursday.
He needs to go away, too.

More… On second thought, maybe Buchanan really does like the Jews.

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