Iraq War Challenge: Bill Kristol Agrees to Debate Matt Damon

Oh, Please, Please, Please….

Big Hollywood is offering Far Left actor Matt Damon $100,000 to debate conservative author Bill Kristol on the Iraq War:

On Sunday afternoon Weekly Standard editor and (former) New York Times columnist Bill Kristol — in an email exchange with Big Hollywood — agreed to debate Matt Damon on his Hollywood home turf after being informed the 38-year old actor ridiculed Kristol in an interview in the Miami Herald.

“He’s an idiot — he wrote that we should be grateful to George Bush because he won the Iraq war. We! Won! The! War!”

As the sponsor of the event, Big Hollywood is offering $100,000 to Damon (or to the charity or carbon credit of his choice) to publicly debate Kristol at a mutually agreed upon time, date and venue.

So what are the odds that this Hollywood lib takes the challenge?
They could put that on pay-per-view.

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