Classy Matthews Blasts Bush After Farewell Address– Defends Tyranny (Video)

What will MSNBC do without President Bush?
What will they do with all of their hate when the unicorn rider is in the White House?

Classy Chris Matthews, in complete Bush-derangement mode, bashed the president last night after his farewell address.
Surprising? No.
Disgusting? Yes.
Matthews also attacked the people of the Middle East saying they live in a culture that opposes freedom– that only a strongman can be successful in an Arab country.
How racist!
Obviously, Chris Matthews believes the people of Iraq were somehow better off with Saddam.

Perhaps Matthews missed the tremendous progress in Iraq this past year?
Perhaps he didn’t follow the tremendous progress in Iraq this past year?
Perhaps his infliction made it impossible for him to see the progress in Iraq?


Here’s the disgusting personal attacks by Matthews on the president:

Here is the transcript from NewsBusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The scary thing about the last eight years is that George Bush, whatever you think of him, came to office pretty much tabula rasa in terms of philosophy. He didn’t have much. He was a rich kid driving his father’s car. He got to be President because of his father, let’s face it, the same way he got into school and everything else, the same way he got his car probably. But the scary thing about Bush is somewhere he came to meet people like Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and Paul Wolfowitz and Feith and the rest of them. They had this ideology that he bought in to, this ideology that somehow the United States in waging war and taking over countries somehow was fighting for freedom, and somehow in doing so we would encourage a moderation in the Arab world. Well, history would have taught him, and I know he just put down history by quoting Jefferson which was unfair to Jefferson, history would have told him that in the Arab world, it’s the Arab street, it’s the regular people out there, the vast population in numbers, who oppose the state of Israel, who have always been radicalized. It’s been the leaders that you could deal with, the potentates, the kings we set up over there, the British did, the people that were propped up with oil wealth. We could deal with those people, but the minute the street had a hand in the politics over there, it was radical.

He decided he’s going to start listening to the intellectuals, so he said this Paul Wolfowitz is such a smart guy, let’s go with this neo-conservative idea, let’s go into Iraq. He listened to Dick Cheney, he listened to the rest of them. And, all of a sudden, he became this new scholar of freedom, and he’s going to spend the rest of his life selling this stuff. This stuff cost the lives of 100,000 Iraqis, it cost the lives of 4,000 U.S. service people, and we don’t know what’s coming around the corner in Iraq. The Brits took over that part of the world and turned it into a series of monarchies. We’ve taken over and we supply it with our ideology. Well, we’ll see if it lasts because, in the end, the Arabs are going to have their own culture, their own politics, and down the road, we’re going to have to make peace with the elements we can find to make peace with.

The idea that we have some brand new neo-conservative ideology of freedom that’s going to bring peace over in that part of the world is not true, and he’s still selling it, and that’s the tragedy of the last eight years. He’s learned the wrong lessons, and he’s out there selling them again tonight.

What is so sad about the Left today is that they don’t even pretend to favor freedom over tyranny. Instead of promoting democracy and individual rights the Left would rather appease tyrants and thugs. We even heard Barack Obama this past year state that genocide was not a good enough excuse to keep US soldiers in Iraq. That is how the American Left thinks today.

It is disappointing to see that the Democratic foreign policy does not include a freedom agenda. It is unnerving to see Matthews and the Left mock the president for promoting freedom.

It’s clear that Chris Matthews won’t miss Bush.
…But certainly there are people out there in Cuba, and North Korea, and Iran, and Burma, who will.

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