Veteran Arrested For Placing Bible & Cross On Altar at VA Facility

The VA rule only allows Bibles and crosses to sit on the floor next to the altar.
One News Now and Free Republic reported:

It’s not acceptable, says a retired employee of the Veterans Administration, that Bibles and crosses are no longer being placed on the altars of VA facilities across the country.

Bob Wieters is a Vietnam veteran who retired from the VA in 1996 after more than 32 years of federal civil service. The Pineville, Louisiana, man was appalled when he learned what happened to a fellow veteran at a VA facility in North Carolina.

He was arrested because he…kept placing the Bible and the cross back on the altar at the VA in North Carolina,” Weiters relates. “[S]o when I heard that, I went to our local VA here — and sure enough, I found the Bible and the cross on the floor next to the altar.”

Wieters says he learned that the VA is apparently giving in to the demands of someone who does not want the Christian items displayed at VA chapels.

“There was a lawsuit that was filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs, and it is currently in some sort of court litigation,” says the war veteran. “But in the interim…the VA as a whole [has decided] to remove the cross and the Bible from all altars at the VA nationwide, which I think is completely wrong.”

Two veterans — Joseph Kinney and Laud Pitt Jr. — have also complained about this VA rule.

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