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Yesterday the Gaza terrorists shot several rockets 40 kilometers into Israel for the first time.
Israel’s largest southern city Beersheba with a population of 186,000 came under fire:

YNet News reported on this frightening development.

For the first time– Terrorists hit Beersheba with rocket fire from Gaza reaching deeper into Israel than ever before.


A wounded Israeli soldier is wheeled into a hospital in the southern city of Beersheba after a rocket fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza landed near the border December 29, 2008. (Haim Horenstein/Reuters)

Beersheba, a city of 186,000, is 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip and was thought to be out of reach from rocket fire!
Nasdaq reported:

At least one rocket fired by Gaza militants slammed into an empty field in Beersheba on Tuesday, marking the first time Israel’s seventh largest city is hit, a military spokesman said.

He said the rocket caused no damage or casualties.

The spokesman said he couldn’t immediately confirm media reports of a second rocket hitting the city of 186,000.

Beersheba is about 40 kilometers from Gaza, much further than the Israeli cities regularly targeted by Palestinian militants.

Gaza militants have been firing deeper into Israel in recent days and a spokesman for the armed wing of Hamas vowed on Tuesday that rockets would be fired even further if Israel doesn’t halt its bombardment of the Palestinian territory.

And, yet the Washington Post today has the gall to say that “amateur rockets” are “nagging Israel.”
This is a frightening development for the people of Israel.

Previously, the Gaza terrorists did not have the capability to reach Beersheba:

White Line– Mortar shells – 3 kilometers
Green Line– 115 mm rockets (Qassam 2) – 6-7 kilometers
Yellow Line– 90 mm rockets (Qassam 1) – 9 kilometers
Red Line– 115 mm improved rockets – 11-12 kilometers
Orange Line– Future Qassam development – 12-14 kilometers
Brown Line– 122mm standard Katyusha rockets (Grad) – 20.4 kilometers

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