Figures… Shoe-Chucker Al-Zaidi Begs Maliki For Forgiveness– Expensive Shoes Destroyed

Apparently, the people of Iraq were not as impressed with shoe-chucker Muntazer al-Zaidi as the mainstream media and nutroots crowd were here at home.
Now that the reality of a few years in prison has set in, Bush attacker Al-Zaidi is begging for forgiveness from Iraqi President Al-Maliki.

The al-Sadr supporter flung his shoes at President Bush during a news conference on Sunday in Baghdad making him an international hero to the anti-American crowd:

Reuters reported:

An Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush apologized to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for embarrassing him before the watching world, the prime minister’s office said on Thursday.

TV reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi shot to instant fame when he called Bush a “dog” in Arabic at a joint news conference with Maliki in Baghdad last Sunday and threw both his shoes at Bush in a gesture that is a deep insult in the Arab world.

“Zaidi said in his letter that his big ugly act cannot be excused,” said Yasin Majeed, Maliki’s media adviser.

Majeed said that Zaidi added: “But I remember in the summer of 2005, I interviewed your Excellency and you told me, ‘Come in, this is your house.’ And so I appeal to your fatherly feelings to forgive me.”

Too bad for Muntazer al-Zaidi…
Security officials destroyed his $10 million shoes after his attack on President Bush.
They ripped them apart checking for bombs and then destroyed them.


But, there is some good news… A Bahraini businessman says he is gifting his Mercedes to the shoe-chucker.

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