Madigans Hold a Father-Daughter Dance Behind Hot Rod Scandal (Video)

The Chicago Machine Keeps Cranking Away

In case you missed this from the liberal media reports…
There’s more to the story behind Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan‘s announcement yesterday that Governor Rod Blagojevich “is incapable of serving” and should be removed from office.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (2ndR) speaks about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich during a press conference at The Thompson Center in Chicago, Illinois. Madigan moved to oust embattled governor Blagojevich Friday amid charges he tried to sell president-elect Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder.
(AFP/Joshua Lott)


There was the obvious reason that Madigan wants Rod gone.
It’s simple– Madigan is hoping to stop the dominoes from falling.

But, this is Chicago, after all, and there is always more layers to the mess.
John Kass from The Chicago Tribune discussed the situation on The O’Reilly Factor last night:

Lisa Madigan’s father is Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.
He’s another big time ward boss in the Chicago Machine.
Kass says, “They don’t want a Blogojevich impeachment hearing which would basically allow Blagojevich to talk about all of the deals they’ve done.”
The Sun-Times has more on the father-daughter dance:

But if Blagojevich stays put and his saga drags out, then questions inevitably will grow louder about whether delaying impeachment is a tactic by Madigan not to divert political thunder from his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

On Friday, she took the unprecedented step of petitioning the state Supreme Court to declare Blagojevich unfit for office and remove him, under an obscure rule never used before against an Illinois governor.

“The speculation is that the speaker is sitting back on this so Lisa can take the lead and get ownership on the issue,” said one House member who favors impeachment but requested anonymity.

The attorney general made clear Friday that she backs impeaching Blagojevich and noted her legal maneuver would be another front against the governor while lawmakers go about trying to impeach him.

By having a prominent role in ousting Blagojevich, the attorney general and potential 2010 gubernatorial candidate further insulates herself from the same type of do-nothing charges that Blagojevich employed against his 2002 rival, then-Attorney General Jim Ryan.

More… Lisa Madigan was also mentioned as a possible replacement for Barack Obama as senator by Rahm Emanuel in a call made to (Blagojevic aide John) Harris.

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