Jesse Jackson Jr. Said He Had Not Met Blagojevich in 4 Yrs… Except When He Hugged Him On Stage Sobbing

Jesse Jackson Jr. said in his news conference yesterday that he hadn’t met with Governor Rod Blagojevich in 4 years.
Well, except for that time he hugged him on stage a couple of months ago sobbing like a baby.

NewsBusters reported that there is a video of a sobbing Jesse Jackson, Jr. embracing Blagojevich just last August at a breakfast of the Illinois delegation to the Democrat Nation Convention in Denver.
Jesse is sobbing so hard he had to stop several times to regain his composure:

…Blubbering like a baby!
Here’s another video version of the sobfest at the Chicago Tribune.

So, besides the sobbing hug he gave him, Jesse hasn’t met with Hot Rod in 4 years.

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