Happy New Year 2009!


2008 brought Victory in Iraq and a humiliating loss for the GOP.
It brought us darling Sarah Palin and Obama’s anti-AmeriKKKan mentor Jeremiah Wright.
It brought another year of safety under the leadership of “The Liberator” George W. Bush and the worst Congress ever.
It brought record stock market declines following ignored warnings of a real estate bust.

Michael Steele is already calling 2009- “The Year of the Comeback”
Let’s hope he’s right.


May 2009 be a terrific year for you, your family, our country and this cooling planet.

UPDATE: TigerHawk lists the years that sucked worse than 2008.

UPDATE 2: Sweetness and Light has an excellent list of the “Top 10 Mis-Reported Stories From 2008.”

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