Grand Ayatollahs Warn Khamenei About Ahmadinejad

Not everyone is happy with Mahmoud.

Leading Iranian clerics are upset with the Ahmadinejad Administration. (ISNA photo)

Several grand ayatollahs are warning Ayatollah Khamenei about their displeasure with the Ahmadinejad Administration.
Rooz News reported:

While approximately six months remain until the tenth presidential election in Iran and ‎the supreme leader of the country has explicitly supported incumbent Mahmoud ‎Ahmadinejad many times in the past few months, a conservative website revealed that ‎several grand ayatollahs in Qom, and some clerics from Tehran, have sent messages to ‎supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei voicing their disappointment with the Ahmadinejad ‎administration. ‎

The website Tabnak, which belongs to former Passdaran Revolutionary Guards ‎commander and current deputy head of the powerful Expediency Council (led by ‎Hashemi Rafsanjani) Mohsen Rezaei, reported yesterday under the headline “Messages ‎and Disappointment of Clerics with Some Administration Measures” that “several top ‎clerics from Tehran and Qom have made remarks to the Islamic Republic supreme leader ‎voicing their criticism of some of the ninth administration’s measures.” ‎

Tabnak’s report does not specifically mention any names, but it is accompanied by the ‎pictures of three conservative grand ayatollahs residing in Qom: Makarem Shirazi, Nouri ‎Hamedani and Safi Golpaigani.

Iran has highest inflation rate in the Middle East, reaching 24.3% this year. The country’s trade deficit is nearly $40 billion. Iran’s non-oil exports reached $15.6 billion, which was largely off pace with its $56.5-billion imports. The economic policies of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, many say, have exacerbated that inflation problem with favoring low interest rates to help small businesses and the poor- Iran VNC.

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