Failed Air America Host Franken Likely to Lose MN Senate Race

Failed Air America host Al Franken is likely to lose the Minnesota Senate race after all.
North Jersey reported, via Free Republic:

Though a tiny margin separates the candidates in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race, it is wide enough that Democrat Al Franken faces a daunting task in challenging votes to erase Sen. Norm Coleman’s lead.

The two sides have disputed thousands of each other’s votes, but many of those challenges are regarded by experts as frivolous.

To win his case before the state Canvassing Board, Franken must prevail in more than 6 percent of his challenges of Coleman votes even if Coleman fails to succeed on any of his challenges, a Minneapolis Star Tribune analysis shows.

HotAir says is may go to the courts anyway.

Let Freedom Ring has updates on the story from Minnesota.

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