Condi Blasts "Loathsome" CNN Reporter For Trashing US (Video)

CNN reporter Zain Verjee interviewed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the shoe-chucking incident in Baghdad. Vergee asked Condi how it feels knowing America is so loathed.

Condi’s response to this Canadian US-basher was excellent:

Here’s part of the exchange:

Zain Verjee: …But the United States is so loathed!

Condoleezza Rice: The United States is not loathed. The policies of the United States are sometimes not liked. People don’t like that we’ve had to say hard things and do hard things about terrorism. People don’t like that we’ve spoken fiercely for the right of Israel to defend itself at the same time we’ve worked for a Palestinian State. But I have to go back. So many people in and around when that incident happened told me how embarrassed they were by the fact that that had happened.

Verjee: Do you regret…

Condoleezza Rice: No. Only that the focus of those who were supposed to be reporting history didn’t focus on the historical moment which was- This was the president of the United States in Baghdad, for goodness sakes, with the freely elected prime minister in a show of friendship.


Hat Tip Jamie Allman

Of course, we all know the “lothing” will stop once the Messiah rides in on his unicorn.

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