Rahmbo El Busto!… Emanuel Spoke With Hot Rod About Senate Seat… Several Times! (Video)

More Hope and Change…
According to FOX Chicago News— Rahm Emanuel had several conversations with Governor Rod Blagojevich about Barack Obama’s open senate seat:

Rahm Emanuel is starting to smell like a dead fish in the mail about now…

No wonder Rahm Emanuel was ducking from reporters this week.
No wonder he refuses to answer if the question if he is the advisor on the FBI tapes.

According to FOX News Chicago:

The conversations took place after the FBI wire taps were put in place and after Emanuel was promoted to Chief of Staff by Barack Obama. The timing of the conversations make it likely the source says that the phone conversations were recorded and are in the hands of the FBI… It would not be unexpected that there would be conversations between Obama’s transition team and the governor’s office about candidates the governor might favor and the source did not say if those conversations involved any quid pro quo or deal making.

Stick a steak knife in it.
This could be it for Rahmbo.

More from Power Line— Where’s Rahmbo?

Yesterday Barack Obama said his staff was clear from the scandal.

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