Arsonist Attacks Gov. Palin's Church – $1 Million in Damage (Video)

The fire started while people, including children, were inside working:

Sarah Palin apologized if “undeserved attention” focused on Wasilla Bible Church caused haters to set a fire there. The American people were treated to far more media attention on Sarah Palin’s church than on Barack Obama’s involvement in corrupt Illinois politics.

The Alaska Dispatch reported more on the fire and the attacks on Palin:


We don’t know if the fire is the result of radicals angry with Palin, but we do know our governor has not been treated fairly.

For months I have been reading the lies about our first family of Alaska. I had to endure watching on TV an appalling effigy of Gov. Palin, part of a Halloween display in a yard in Southern California. The governor of California did nothing, the mayor did nothing, and the neighbors thought it was “cool.” This effigy was a likeness of a woman swinging by a noose in someone’s yard! Where was the outrage?

Then there are those who have blasted the governor for her daughter’s pregnancy. Both have been brutally criticized, belittled and shamed. Children will do what they want as teenagers; we parents try our best to instill good morals and values. Palin’s daughter’s upbringing has nothing to do with who our governor is or what she believes. I was appalled to hear comments like, “Well, she put herself in the limelight, so she deserved what she got.” There have also been those who have asked if the governor is really Trig’s mom? Where has the fair and balanced reporting been on that “story”?

It is one thing to disagree with Sarah Palin’s views or beliefs, but to tear her and her family apart to make you feel more superior, to make you feel good about your hatred, anger and lack of Christianity, that is appalling. I do hope Palin’s church was not torched because of her beliefs. She and her family have never done anything to warrant the outlandish actions from her insensitive critics.

The moonbats are having a field day with this.

Power Line adds, “Given the insane hatred that Democrats directed toward Palin during the recent campaign, it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that the arson is the work of a liberal Democrat.”

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