Will Obama Blow the Progress of the Last 8 Years?

Eight years ago the Butcher of Baghdad was ruling Iraq.
The Taliban was in control of Afghanistan.
Libya was working on weapons of mass destruction.
Al-Qaeda was playing offense.
Not today.

Over 3,000 Kurdish villages were destroyed by Saddam Hussein duing his genocide campaign against the northern minority. (Academic.regis.edu)

The first live witness against Saddam breaks down in court while recalling the horror from the former regime.

Ahmad Hassan Mohammed Al Dujaili cries while testifying in open court during the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, December 5, 2005. (Stefan Zaklin/Pool/Reuters)
148 Iraqis were murdered by the Saddam Regime including children in the village of Dujail, north of Baghdad, in 1982.


Official Iraqi documents recovered after the fall of Saddam regime suggest a staggering 5 million executions were made during Baath era alone. Over 10 million were also imprisoned. They were all Shias save a small percentage of Kurds. It is also very interesting to note that after the 1991 Shia uprising over 300,000 were killed or captured never to be seen again, but there were no injured. (Brookes News)

The Halabja Gas Attack March 15-19 1988
Estimates of casualties range from several hundred to 7,000 people.

About 100,000 Iraqi troops were killed during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. (Gurukel)

In southern Iraq entire populations of Marsh Arab and Shia Muslim villages were forcibly expelled.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told the United Nations that under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was “a murderous tyranny that lasted over 35 years.” “Today we are unearthing thousands of victims in horrifying testament,” Zebari said. (USAID)

Saddam evil on film… Tongue, arm, finger, hand amputations on video- HERE.

Today… The Iraqi government is in control of 13 of 18 provinces.

Map of Iraq showing provinces transferred from US to Iraqi control. Iraq recently took control of the central Shiite province of Babil from US forces, in what local officials said was further sign of security gains across the war-torn nation.

Today… Iraqi and US Casualties are at record lows.
Afghanistan and Iraq are fledgling democracies.
Al-Qaeda’s leadership has been decimated and the terrorists are on the run.
The Taliban is out of power.

But, that could all change with the radical in the White House. Al-Qaeda is already celebrating the Obama win. Obama has promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Afghanistan is struggling with the Taliban again. Pakistan is unstable. Iran is developing nukes.

Barack Obama has some big decisions in front of him.
The world waits.
Let’s pray he doesn’t blow it.

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