Walid Phares: "How can we ally ourselves with Iran in Afghanistan and tell them we don't want them to have the nuclear bomb at the same time?" (Video)

Good question.
Walid Phares explains why liberal foreign policy is so very dangerous for the international community today on FOX News:

Walid Phares commenting on an article published in the Washington Post and projecting a potential Obama policy of coordinating with Iran in Afghanistan, terrorism expert Walid Phares asked how is it feasible to create an alliance with the Iranian regime against the Taliban and not accept Iran’s conditions on building their nuclear capability?

Of course that is the real question. Is the next administration really looking forward to change the strategy against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban or are they trying to change the enemy. That is the big question because simply bringing forces to Afghanistan of course because those forces are needed there. But, who is the ally against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? Of course it is the democratically elected government of Pakistan who is fighting already the Taliban with us.

If we are going to go to the Iranian Regime and ask them to become our ally quote-unquote against Al-Qaeda. Number One- They are not going to accept to establish in Kabul that is in Afghanistan a regime that would be democratic. That’s exactly the opposite of what they want. And, second- What would be their conditions? Can we be their allies in Afghanistan and then tell them “please we don’t want you to have the nuclear bomb” at the same time?
It’s difficult.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

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