You Know It's Bad When You're Only As Manly as a Sewing Blog

Nasty trolls are one thing… But this is much more concerning.
Today’s sick and twisted attack on this blog actually came in the email from fellow conservative Jules Crittenden.

Jules went to, plugged in to see if it could determine the gender of his blog’s writer, and it came back with… strong indicators that http:/ is written by a man (95 percent).

Next, Jules tried a few other blogs to make sure the test was accurate.
Andrew Sullivan. 80 percent male.
Glenn Greenwald. 84 percent male.


Then he tested…
Military blogger Mudville Gazette- 79 percent male.
OK. That’s a bit surprising.

Instapundit. Damn, he’s only 64 percent male.

Vodkapundit. 90 percent stud.
Maybe it’s the booze?

Then I read this…
Gatewaypundit… girly blogger at 54 percent.
What?!! That’s F-n bullsh*t!

Man, and I thought the trolls were brutal.
They’ve got nothing on you, Crittenden.
You better hope I don’t run into you on a dark street sometime… I may pull your hair and slap you and then run away like a little sissy.

UPDATE: Paula added this on Jules’ stupid gender test:

Hmm, this is kind of funny. Gender analyzer guessed there was a 53% chance that my sewing blog was written by a man but is quite gender neutral. That just strikes me as hilarious. ‘Cuz, you know, sewing is such a manly pastime.

By the way… Today they’re talking about sewing a “princess dress” on Paula’s blog.
And they scored the same as this blog?

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