Today's MSM Obama Fluff Piece

Elizabeth Drew wrote a flowery piece on Barack Obama at The New York Review of Books today.
The first line is a real laugher:

As he demonstrated in his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama thinks long. Hence, the new President-elect is better prepared to take office than any other newly elected chief executive in the history of the modern presidency.

Barack Obama thinks long?
If Barack Obama thought long he wouldn’t have voted repeatedly to surrender in Iraq.
Leaving Iraq to Al-Qaeda or Iran would have been an international disaster. Instead, today Iraq is a democratic friend and ally of the United States– despite Obama.
Now, if Drew was talking about Obama’s selfish political ambitions… Yes, he thinks long.
In the next four years we’ll see how that plays out for the rest of us.

Ben Smith at The Politico has another take from the piece.

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