Sweet… Grumpy Michelle Reaches Out to Hillary For Help

How sweet!
It wasn’t that long ago that Michelle wanted to spit in her eye.
This week the angry future First Lady, filled with pride, reached out to Hillary Clinton.

Of course, Michelle has had her doubts about Hillary in the past:

Michelle Obama reached out to Hillary for tips on how to run a White House:

Michelle Obama wasn’t always an admirer of Hillary Clinton, but last Wednesday the soon-to-be first lady dialed up the former first lady for pointers on protecting her two young daughters from the media maelstrom of the White House.

“Michelle may not have loved the senator, but she always respected how the Clintons raised Chelsea,” said a person familiar with Clinton’s end of the call. “They need to talk. There just aren’t too many people who have shared that kind of experience.”

An aide briefed on Obama’s side of the chat said she was “grateful” for Clinton’s “pointers” on “raising children in the public eye.”

It’s the latest phase in the ruling-class soap opera that is the Obama-Clinton alliance, where the two first families negotiate new personal relationships as Hillary Clinton wrestles with her own ambivalence about Michelle Obama’s husband, a man she once ridiculed as too callow to govern, and then worked tirelessly to elect.

Oh… To tap in on that conversation!
I wonder how long that conversation lasted?

Hillary, no doubt, had much to offer on keeping interns out of the Oval Office, stashing legal documents, and looting the castle when it’s time to leave.

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