STEELE MAKES IT OFFICIAL– Will Run For RNC Chairman (Video)

Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele officially declared his candidacy for Republican National Committee Chairman tonight on Hannity and Colmes:

To find out more on this go to the Draft Michael Steele website.

Steele made the announcement tonight.
Townhall reported:

“I want this gig,” Steele said this evening on Hannity & Colmes. “And, Alan, I’m coming at you, baby, I’m coming at you!”

Hannity said he would support Steele’s candidacy and asked Steele if he would stand for conservatives as Chairman.

“I stand in the tradition of this party,” Steele said. “I stand for the values we have fought for. The value of life, the value of the born and the unborn, the value of opportunity, the value of growth.”

“It’s time to step up and I plan to be that leader to move us forward,” Steele said.

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