Saracuda Attacks– Blasts the "Jerks" & Smear Merchants

After 60 days of vicious and nonstop media attacks it was the the anonymous smears from inside the McCain Camp that sent her over the edge.

Back home in Alaska Sarah Palin blasted the media and the anonymous “jerks” in the McCain Camp who leaked vicious smears to the press:

Whoever leaked these horrible anonymous smears on Palin ought to be outed and exiled.
The last thing the GOP needs today are vicious immature selfish jerks.


Let’s hope that Palin learns a thing or two from these outrageous attacks on her and her family these last 60 days…
In case the future holds another run by the Saracuda.

More reaction from the email:

John McCain is not defending Sarah Palin. McCain is silent on the issue with his own staff. Funny how John McCain defended Barack Obama on the campaign trail with McCain’s own supporters. John McCain even praised Obama and said, “He wouldn’t listen to that type of attacks against this good man.” But he will not come to the side of Palin and do the same or call out his staff… Why won’t McCain do the same with his staff? He should ‘make them famous and we should know them’.


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