Radical Islamist Boxer KO's Opponent– Starts Riot (Video)

Last year super featherweight champion boxer, Ahmed Elomar, from Australia was arrested with three other Aussies in northern Lebanon on terrorism charges.

But, on Friday night, the champ was back in the ring facing highly favored Willy Kickett.

Ahmed brought his posse with him.

Australian Ahmed Elomar knocked out his opponent in the first round of their title bout in Gosford. Then the real fight started.
Elomar’s friends flooded into the ring and taunted the crowd and the opposing corner.
That’s when the chairs, bottles, food, and cans were flung into the ring and Elomar threw a chair into the crowd.
Here’s a look at the wild scene:

As the announcer said– “The grubs were starting trouble.”
Seconds Out reported:


The previously unbeaten Kickett had exploded at the opening bell, hurting Elomar with a series of fast straight right hands. 25 year-old Elomar 15-1-2 (8) gritted his teeth in weathering the blows, but appeared hurt and wobbly on his legs. Just as Kickett moved in for what could have been his own knockout win, Elomar launched the punch of his career, a perfect overhand right which landed on Kickett’s chin and knocked him out cold before he even hit the canvas.

21 year-old Kickett 13-1 (5) was so badly hurt he could barely lift his head, as referee Brad Griffiths waved off the fight.

The real problems then began as twenty-five to thirty of Elomar’s supporters stormed the ring in celebration. Initial jubilation then descended into ugly scenes as the Elomar fans taunted the large entourage supporting Kickett. All the while, the stricken boxer was being tended to on the canvas by the commission doctor and his trainer Craig Christian. Elomar’s trainers Billy Hussein and Tommy Mercuri attempted to clear an area around Kickett, who was still laying flat on his back, dazed and confused.

Verbal taunts between the two supporter groups then exploded into physical punches, as a number of scuffles broke out at ringside. Cans and bottles then began to rain into the ring as innocent bystanders scurried for cover. Chairs were also thrown, as a number of local boxing identities and officials attempted to calm the chaos.

Fox Sports, which was televising the card live around Australia, cut short their telecast as the confrontations got out of control. The mindless actions were comparable to the infamous Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota riots at Madison Square Garden in New York, just on a smaller scale.

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