Pyongyang Threatens to Sever Ties With South Korea Over Offensive Balloons (Video)

And, Pyongyang is not pleased.

One Free Korea reports on a balloon campaign that is so “offensive” that North Korea is threatening to sever ties with the South.

The people who are launching these balloons are, in large part, North Koreans who could not live — or stand living — in their homeland, and who can find no other means to connect with those they left behind. Others are South Koreans whose loved ones were stolen from them by North Korean abductors. How emotionally stunted must one be not to consider, for an instant, the sorrow these people must feel?

Activists from a South Korean group “Fighters for a Free North Korea” have launched thousands of balloons over the border denouncing the North Korean government as a dictatorship:

The balloons also contain money that hungry people might use to buy food.


One Free Korea has more on how the North Korean regime is reacting to this offense.

More… Maybe we should send a few of these balloons over New York City?

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