Obama "Family Friend" Ayers Still Unapologetic For Terrorist Acts (Video)


Domestic terrorist and Obama “family friend” Bill Ayers was interviewed on Good Morning America this morning.
Ayers still believes he was on the right side when he was bombing US government offices:

Obama associate and family friend Bill Ayers is still unapologetic for his domestic acts of terrorism.
ABC reported:

Breaking his silence, Ayers told Chris Cuomo on “Good Morning America” today that the GOP attack was a “dishonest narrative…to demonize me.”

He added, “I don’t buy the idea that guilt by association should have any part of our politics,” he said.

Ayers scoffed at the Republican effort to make his ties to Obama appear suspicious.

“This idea that we need to know more, like there’s some dark, hidden secret, some secret link,” Ayers said. “It’s a myth thrown up by people who want to exploit the politics of fear.”

But he was unapologetic about his militant actions during the Vietnam War.

“What you call the violent past, that was a time when thousands of people were being murdered every month by our own government… We were on the right side,” he told “GMA.”

The co-founder of the Weather Underground was, as McCain has claimed, unrepentant about the the bombings his group committed during the 1960s.

“The content of the Vietnam protest is that there were despicable acts going on, but the despicable acts were being done by our goverment… I never hurt or killed anyone,” Ayers said.

“Frankly, I dont think we did enough, just as today I dont’ think we’ve done enough to stop these wars,” he said.

Ayers, 63, currently a distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, became a political piñata for McCain, R-Ariz., and Palin during the presidential campaign.

Despite Obama’s attempt to portray their relationship as a distant one, Ayers, in a new afterward to his book “Fugitive Days,” describes Obama as a “neighbor and family friend.”

Obama’s terrorist friends Ayers and Dohrn. (Flickr)
Oh– And with all of the recent attention, Ayers, a noted Marxist, announced that he is re-issuing his 2001 anti-American book Fugitive Days.


Ron Radosh corrected Bill Ayers’ many lies at Pajamas Media yesterday.

More… Did Bill Ayers just call for violence?

UPDATE: Tom Maquire caught Bill Ayers in another lie.

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