Newt Gingrich Says He Is Open to Serve as GOP Chairman

Conservative Former Speaker Newt Gingrich said he is open to serving as the GOP Chairman if he is offered the position.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported:

Newt Gingrich has let it be known that, if Republicans want him, the former U.S House speaker is willing to serve as chairman of the national party and lead it out of the wilderness it’s blundered into.

The question is whether the 168-member Republican National Committee is open to the match.

“If a majority of the RNC thought he was needed, he would accept that appointment,” said Randy Evans’ Gingrich’s close friend and legal counsel. “He fully appreciates the urgency of the moment.”

What might strike some as coyness is in fact caution. The odds are stacked against the former Georgia congressman, for several reasons.

“The RNC has to do some soul-searching and decide what level of change is necessary,” Evans said. “If that answer is bold, energetic change led by someone who has done it before, then Newt would be a good choice.”

If the party is eying a shift toward the middle, Evans added, “that isn’t Newt.”

Though he retains his reputation as a polarizing figure, Gingrich served as a sideline strategist for the GOP during the presidential season. He pointed McCain to the issue of offshore drilling. But Gingrich also helped generate skepticism over the Wall Street bailout — which McCain and other Senate Republicans supported.

A Gingrich chairmanship might get loud support from the GOP’s talk-radio contingent. The former House speaker has close ties to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz.

Earlier this week, Newt offered this on the devastating election results:

“You’ve gotta give Senator McCain credit. At a time when the President was at a 23-percent job approval (rating), McCain got 46-percent of the vote.”

Gingrich also said Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will become a major player in the country and the Republican Party. “She may decide to replace Senator Stevens in the Senate. I have zero doubt that if she does, she’ll win. If she doesn’t go to the U-S Senate, she’ll certainly be re-elected as Governor and she’ll be a formidable force.”

When asked if the Republican Party was struggling to find its identity. “No,” said Gingrich, “The Republican party’s struggling to get beyond incompetence.”

Good News… Gingrich May Run For RNC Chairman

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