Micheal Steele Holds Blogger Conference Call

This was a switch– I’ve never heard once from the current RNC Chairman– Never an email. Never a call.
Today Michael Steele invited me to join him on a conference call to discuss his vision of for the Republican Party.
…I liked that.

Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele officially declared his candidacy for Republican National Committee Chairman tonight on Hannity and Colmes last night:

To find out more on this go to the Draft Michael Steele website.

Today Michael Steele took the time to hold a conference call with conservative bloggers.


Michael Steele started out with a quick discussion on why he wanted to lead the RNC:

We have not utilized some of our strengths.
On bloggers- “We have under-utilized a tremendously valuable resource.”
We have not utilized are strengths in organizing and communicating- and in reaching out to conservative bloggers.
Part of what I want to do as chairman is kick start this effort.

It is an honor to welcome you all to this discussion.
This is the start of the conversation that we will continue.

I’m sick and tired of the whining by Republicans.
There are Republicans fearing the end of the world and others are promoting a democrat light platform.
If I wanted to be democrat I would have joined the DNC.

I joined the Republican party because of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.
Because of the values of life, hard work, security and enterprise.
Conservatism is not ugly.

This election was not about a repudiation of conservatism to the ideas on the Left.
It was a failure to communicate that has undermined our efforts for a long time now.
I want to keep it unpredictable. I want to keep them guessing.
We are looking at doing some wonderful things (under my leadership).
They’re very obvious the liberals. They may play the race card. But, bad policies don’t have color.

Obama wants to nationalize our country. He wants us to depend more on government.
We need to have fun and stop scowling at people and be honest.

Q: Matt Lewis Have you signed on to the Renew the Party website?
Because you are black man you will be better able to communicate with the country at this time?
ANSWER: I will be able to communicate better because I am an American.
It’s less about skin and more about character.
Obama played reverse race card beautifully.
McCain would not even talk about Rev. Wright because it was so encapsulated on race.

Q: Mark Finkelstein: What kind of a role will you play?
ANSWER: I want to work closely with Senate and Congressional Republicans.
Look at immigration and how the liberals twisted that and made it look racist instead of an issue about following the law.
Energy is another poorly communicated issue.
We now have the responsibility to be the loyal opposition.

Q: Amanda Carpenter: Spending issues?
ANSWER: I love Alaska but a “Bridge to Nowhere?” Come on!
We got into Congress in 1994 and said we would be good stewards.
We need to be mindful and the gang asking for oodles of money.
That’s crazy.

Q: Jim Hoft -Gateway Pundit: You talked about how we struggled in getting our message out. Would you please tell us more about your communication strategy–

ANSWER: I’m excited about this.
This is going to be our lock and load moment. Internet, mail– When I say reach out and touch someone I mean it. We have to be organized and connected. We have to have our party active in the community. We have to be able to lead people in the right direction when they want to help.
We have to be prompt.
I am very excited about discussing communication and know that it is an area that needs tremendous focus.

There was much more discussed- I will try to update this later.

If you would like to support Michael Steele– Go to Draft Michael Steele and sign the petition.

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