McCain Takes Kentucky (8)- Obama Takes Vermont (3) McCain takes W. Virginia & S. Carolina, Tennessee & Oklahoma, Georgia

McCain takes Kentucky– 8 (57-41%)
Kentucky went 60-40 to Bush in 2004.

Obama takes Vermont– 3

(7:30 EST) McCain takes West Virginia.
West Virginia went 56-43 to Bush in 2004.
55-43 white voters for McCain
Late deciders for McCain.
Obama did not do as well as he had hoped.


Here is the Virginia state webpage.

Here’s the latest from the McCain Camp, via US News & World Report: the latest from inside Team McCain: Florida looks good. Ohio, Penn., Virginia and NC are too close to call.

Here’s CNN’s interactive map.

(7:51 PM EST) South Carolina goes to McCain.
South Carolina went 58-41% to Bush in 2004.

Chambliss (Georgia) and Susan Collins (Maine) and Mitch McConnell (KY) are winning in their senate races.
Dole loses in North Carolina– Sad.

(20:10 EST) McCain takes Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Obama has won Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont and the District of Columbia.
Obama takes New Hampshire.

(8:20 PM EST) So far McCain is holding… So far.
Obama is very optimistic.

(8:25 PM EST) Pennsylvania going to Obama.
After Obama and Murtha pi$$ed all over them and promised to kill the coal industry– This is amazing.
FOX is not calling it so far.
Oops… Spoke to soon. FOX gives Pennsylvania to Obama.
19% of PUMA’s went with McCain but he still lost.

They just started selling these at Cafe Press:

Hat Tip Denise

(8:40 EST) Georgia goes to McCain.

(8:50 EST) Exit polls are off by up to 10%– Giving Obama more votes than what was actually happening on the ground.

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