McCain-Palin Cuts Obama's Lead Down to 2– 8.7% Undecided

This Is Horrible News For The Marxisant Radical
IBD-TIPP -The most accurate pollster of the 2004 Campaign- shows that McCain has closed the gap on Barack Obama down to 2 points.
8.7% are still undecided.

The race tightened again Sunday as independents who’d been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

With most undecideds swinging to McCain-Palin this is devastating news for the Obama Campaign.

UPDATE: This is interesting— 395,617 PUMA’s are needed to tie and 32,065 more to win the election on Tuesday.

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