Karl Rove: Playing Opossum Is Not a Winning Political Strategy

Karl Rove talks about the inadequacy of the Bush Administration in responding to critics.

Karl Rove talked about the mistakes of the Bush Administration on Hannity and Colmes last night.

Rove admitted that the Bush Administration did not effectively answer their critics. He also argued that it was a mistake to allow the brutal attacks at certain times to go unanswered.
Ya think?


There are a few of us who saw this a while back:

It was frustrating to see Bush get pummeled by the Democrats during these last 8 years.
It was more frustrating to watch the attacks go unanswered.
Playing opossum did not work out so well for George W. Bush.

Karl Rove talks about the mistakes of the Bush Administration:

I’ve learned in looking back now a sobering lesson. The president needs to be careful in his language but he cannot allow the kind of brittle and brutal attacks that were made on this president at certain times to go unanswered. And, we probably made a mistake at times.

And look, the biggest difficulty was when he came into office there were people in this country who did not believe that he was ever elected. I saw the other day that Bob Shrum, who was the campaign director to Al Gore had a foreign conference here in the last few days where he reiterated the charge that George Bush was not legitimately elected in 2000. Now, obviously I disagree with him. There’s a Constitution and the Constitution governed this process. But, it is a sign of how unhinged some people are that he could never accept the fact that he was elected president.

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