Internet News Sources Considered the Most Reliable–

According to a new poll by Zogby and the Independent Film Channel the internet is now more trusted than TV and print news combined.
Wired News and LGF reported:

The web is the most trusted news medium (over TV and print combined), and Fox News is the most trusted TV news source, according to results from a new Zogby poll commissioned by the Independent Film Channel (pdf).

Fox ruled with 39.3 percent of those polled beating out CNN at 16 percent and MSNBC at 15 percent.

These results are good fodder for Fox in defending its claims of being “Fair and Balanced” — it’s also interesting to note that more people in the poll described themselves as Democrats than Republicans — but the majority of Americans seem to also have little faith in the media at all.

The online survey of 3,472 adults two days after the election found that three out of four people think that the media influenced the outcome, and about the same number also think that the media in general is biased.

In the other categories, The New York Times was the most trusted newspaper and Rush Limbaugh (12.5 percent) came out on top among news personalities closely followed by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly (10.1 percent).

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Stephen Colbert and Chris Matthews were the least trusted personalities, all scoring under 2 percent.

Here are some more results from that Zogby Poll commissioned by the Independent Film Channel on the media:


** Of those surveyed, 72.6% said they believe the news they read and see is biased.
–- 88.7% of Republican and 57.5% of Democrat respondents describe the media as biased.
–- By gender 77% of Males and 67% of Females find the news biased.

** Specific demographics found:
–Among 18-24 year olds 70.3% found the news media to be biased
–Among 25-34 year olds 74.2% found the news media to be biased
–Among 35-54 year olds 73.1 % found the news media to be biased
–Among 55-69 year olds 72.7 % found the news media to be biased
–Among 70 plus year olds 66.7% found the news media to be biased

** 74.8% of respondents agreed that media coverage of the Presidential election influenced the outcome.
–– 94.2% of Republicans surveyed and 55.6% of Democrats surveyed believe media coverage influenced the Presidential election.
–– Overall, 93.9% of those surveyed believe Barack Obama received more attention from the media than John McCain. Only 4.1% believe McCain received more attention than Obama.

** Nearly 80% of respondents consider national television news to be unreliable and 84% consider radio to be unreliable.

** According to 37.6% of those surveyed, news sources on the Internet are considered to be the most reliable.

More… Time magazine’s Mark Halperin admitted on Friday that the media bias was more intense in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history.

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