Figures… WaPo Fluff Piece Uses Lib Think Tank to Praise Obama & Bash Bush

Just because the election is over does not mean the media bias was put on hold until the next campaign…
Today, the Washington Post used a lib military think tank to praise Obama and bash Bush:

“Open and serious debate versus ideological certitude will be a great relief to the military leaders,” said retired Maj. Gen. William L. Nash of the Council on Foreign Relations. Senior officers are aware that few in their ranks voiced misgivings over the Iraq war, but they counter that they were not encouraged to do so by the Bush White House or the Pentagon under Donald H. Rumsfeld.

“The joke was that when you leave a meeting, everybody is supposed to drink the Kool-Aid,” Nash said. “In the Bush administration, you had to drink the Kool-Aid before you got to go to the meeting.”

As Macsmind points out, the Council of Foreign Relations is a liberal think tank and that they they quasi-endorsed John Kerry for Prez in 2004 and have asked him to speak at the council regularly.

Maj. Gen. William L. Nash is also a regular Bush-basher who wrongly predicted that the Bush surge in Iraq would not work in June 2007.


The WaPo omitted this from their Obama fluff piece.

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