EPA Ruling Puts 100 New Coal Plants in Jeopardy

You knew this was coming…
Environmentalists successfully blocked coal power plant development due to concerns over global warming on Thursday.
They didn’t have to wait for Obama– they went ahead and blocked construction of new coal-burning power plants without him.

This is despite the fact that for the second straight year the Earth has, in fact, experienced cooling… not warming.

US Climate Ocotber 2007-November 2008

Up to 100 coal producing plants are now in jeopardy.
Wired News reported:


The fate of scores of new coal-burning power plants is now in limbo over whether to regulate heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

The uncertainty resulted when an Environmental Protection Agency appeals panel on Thursday rejected a federal permit for a Utah plant, leaving the issue for the Obama administration to resolve.

The panel said the EPA’s Denver office failed to adequately support its decision to issue a permit for the Bonanza plant without requiring controls on carbon dioxide, the leading pollutant linked to global warming.

The matter was sent back to that office, which must better explain why it failed to order limits on carbon dioxide. This is “an issue of national scope that has implications far beyond this individual permitting process,” the panel said.

EPA spokesman Jonathan Shrader said the agency was reviewing the ruling by the appeals panel, which traditionally gives great deference to agency decisions.

Environmentalists and lawyers representing industry groups said the ruling puts in question permits – some being considered, others approved but under appeal – of perhaps as many as 100 coal plants.

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For the past 30 years Democrats have successfully blocked US energy production.
It looks like this won’t change anytime soon.

UPDATE: Sea ice is growing at the fastest pace since record-keeping began in 1979.

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