Code Pink Founder Honored By Marxists In Bolivia

Code Pink’s Marxist founder Medea Benjamin was hobknobbing with the Marxist elites in Bolivia this week.

At her blog Benjamin wrote about her wonderful time with the hardcore South American Leftists and her night out with the president.
She also wondered why she is treated like a radical here in the United States.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans (left) and Medea Benjamin try to storm the stage on Governor Sarah Palin at the RNC in St. Paul. (S&L)

Medea Benjamin, the Marxist founder of Code Pink traveled to Bolivia this week where she was celebrated as a guest of honor at an event with Marxist Bolivian President Evo Morales.
IMC Miami reported:


The evening was another spectacular opportunity. How often does one get to meet the president the first night in the country??? It so happened that Saturday night was the opening of a new documentary on the life of President Evo Morales. Since the filmmaker was Cuban—Jorge Fuentes—the opening was hosted by the Cuban Ambassador to Bolivia, Rafael Dauså, who I had known when he was stationed at the Cuban Interest Section in Washington and when he visited us at Global Exchange in San Francisco. So I was invited to the opening and stood with the ambassador and his wife as they warmly greeted hundreds of other guests.

The guests ranged from the Chinese and Costa Rican ambassadors to indigenous groups in traditional costumes to social workers and Cuban doctors. Just standing in the lobby of the cinema watching the crowd was mesmerizing. Then the President, Evo Morales, and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera drove up. The crowd on the street cheered when Evo emerged from the car, and with litt le fanfare and minimum security, he greeted the crowd and took his seat in the front row of the theatre. What a thrill it was when I was also escorted to the front row to sit with the dignitaries!

A far cry from the U.S.—I thought—where I am so often treated like some kind of dangerous terrorist.

Do you really think Benjamin is that clueless as to why she is “treated like some kind of terrorist” in the United States?
Could it maybe be her radical behavior?
Ya think?

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