Change You Can Conceive In… And Abort

The election of Barack Obama as president may have sparked an Obama baby boom— “the kind of blip in the national birth rate that often follows a seismic event.”
Newsweek thinks so anyway:

Of course, it’s too soon to know if there is any truth to this report but it is interesting to note that there was not the same media euphoria when Ronald Reagan won with much higher margins:

Hope and euphoria, says University of Washington sociologist Pepper Schwartz, are a serious aphrodisiac. And voters under 30 went for Obama by a margin of 2 to 1. When you combine those two elements—randy people of child-bearing age—the likely result is what the online Urban Dictionary has already dubbed “Obama Babies” : children “conceived after Obama was proclaimed President, by way of celebratory sex.” “If the amount of alcohol, happy people and major functions on election night is any indication, I suspect we’ll indeed see a boom,” says 25-year-old Brandon Mendelson, a graduate student in Albany, N.Y., who says he changed his vote at the last minute because “I wanted to be able to tell our future children that we voted for Obama.”

Anecdotal evidence abounds. “On election night, my husband had managed to down a bottle and a half of wine in celebration and he was all about making an ‘Obama election baby’,” Abbi Whitaker, 32, of Reno, Nev., told NEWSWEEK. “He thought it would be the coolest thing.” In Oakland, jewelry designer Meghan Connolly Haupt, who, with her husband, has been trying for a baby for about eight months, says she “was optimistic when I realized election night coincided with my ovulation time.” And in Chicago, where 28-year-old Chip Bouchard—a former Hillary supporter—attended Obama’s acceptance speech, he says he looked over at his boyfriend, Chris, and thought: “This [is] the president under whom I [want to] get married and adopt a baby.”

Of course… It should be noted that if there was an unplanned pregnancy, Obama’s pro-abortion supporters would be more likely to end their pregnancy.
Maybe Obama’s election will mean a boon for abortionists, too?


Here’s more on Obama’s abortion extremism.

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