Breaking: FOX News Reports McCain Camp VERY OPTIMISTIC! (Video)

Breaking: FOX News is reporting that…
The McCain Campaign is VERY OPTIMISTIC with the latest developments.

Carl Cameron who is traveling with the McCain Campaign says John McCain is the most optimistic as he has been in 14 years!

Carl Cameron reported:

“When you look at what’s happened in the polls in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida- They believe that they’ve strengthened. Essentially, the conservative districts in those states are now secured. That they still have a little bit of work to do particularly in the much vaunted GOP ground game; knocking on doors, making phone calls, lots of emails to shore them up entirely. But, most of the Red States they think they’re now safe in… In places like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri expect a late night. No quick calls tomorrow.

IBD-TIPP still shows that nearly 10% of voters are undecided.
Most undecided are siding with McCain.

Rasmussen reported that McCain-Palin have tied up the race in 4 of 6 Swing States.
McCain has pulled ahead in Florida and North Carolina and is tied in Missouri and Ohio.


Fox News/Rasmussen Reports polling this week in Colorado, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia shows some improvements for John McCain but the overall results still leave Barack Obama in a better position on the eve of the election.

Obama now leads in two of the Battleground states while the candidates are tied or within a point of each other in four. At one level, that’s an improvement for McCain. Last week, he was even in just two states while trailing in four.

MORE… Boomshak looks at historic moments of Divine providence:

America’s history is rife with examples of overcoming incredible odds as the Hand of Providence smiled upon us.

1) The French coming to our aid in the Revolutionary War when all looked lost.
2) The Japanese deciding not to invade Hawaii.
3) Our victory at Midway.
4) The Germans mishandling of D-Day.

Hopefully we’ll be able to add “McCain-Palin triumphing over the Marxisant radical” to that list of great American moments.

More… At this important time in American history here are some words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan.

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