As Planet Cools– Obama Warms to Hiring Goracle As Climate Czar

The oceans have been cooling since 2003.
There are growing fears of a coming freeze worse than the ice age.
For the second straight year that Earth is, in fact, cooling… not warming.

US Climate Ocotber 2007-November 2008

So what’s a president-elect to do?
…Hire the fear-mongering global warming junk scientist as weather czar.
Via US News and World Report:

The lists suggestions for top cabinet posts, many of which have been rumored for days inside and outside the new administration. Of note: Al Gore might be under consideration for a “climate czar” position; Colin Powell could be education secretary; Howard Dean might get health and human services; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency; and Caroline Kennedy could be the ambassador to the United Nations.

This idea may get a frosty reception.

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