Washington State Sends Ballots to 24,000 Felons

Here’s the latest on the continuing voter fraud scandal.
Washington State sent out 24,000 ballots to felons who are not allowed to vote by law.
KiroTV and Drudge reported:

An exclusive KIRO Team 7 Investigation discovers the state will send ballots to thousands of convicted felons in the next week, even though many can’t legally vote.

The Secretary of State’s Office fired up a new multimillion-dollar computer in 2006. Its job was to catch, and then cancel, illegal voters.

Well, not all illegal voters.

KIRO-TV recently ran its own data to double check the state’s work. Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne found out the system was set up to ignore the existence of approximately 24,000 convicted felons.

In 2004 there were more votes counted in Washington State’s King County than voters who live there.
Three ACORN workers were found guilty of voter registration fraud last October in Washington.
It looks like not much has changed.

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