Video: Barack Obama Praises Fellow New Party Member & Quasi-Marxist Danny Davis

No kidding.

Here’s a page from the Spring 1996 New Party socialist’s newsletter:

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The caption reads: Winners! NP-endorsed candidates Patricia Martin (far left), Danny Davis (center), and Barack Obama (far right), celebrate with Chicago New Party members Ted Thomas and Ruth Schools after their victories in the Democratic Primary last month.

Founding Bloggers discovered this video of Barack Obama praising fellow New Party socialist Danny Davis at a political rally in Chicago in 2004.
Obama and Davis go way back to their days as New Party candidates:

Founding Bloggers has more on the New Party’s socialist values.


Barack Obama started his political career in 1996 in the living room of a domestic terrorist.
Obama began his career as a member of the quasi-Marxist New Party.

Obama is the most liberal member of the US Senate let alone the most radical candidate to ever run for President of the United States.
This man is no moderate.

By the way– The New Party, ACORN and Project Vote shared the same address in Chicago.

Photo Discovered Of Obama With Fellow Chicago Socialist Party Members
New Documents Show Obama Was Member of Quasi-Marxist Group As Illinois State Senator

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