To Bash Palin Lib Group Airs Wolf Hunting Ad… In Florida

The libs are pulling out all of the stops.
While the Obama Camp threatens TV stations for showing NRA ads…
A new lib group is bashing Governor Palin over hunting laws in Alaska:

The ad asks: “Do we really want a vice president who sanctions such savagery?”

The ads are playing in several swing states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida.
(Wolf hunting ads in Florida?)

Now, they’re attacking Sarah Palin over wolf hunting laws in Alaska(?)
The anti-gun rights party is running a graphic wolf hunting attack ad against the popular Alaska Governor in Florida, Michigan and Ohio.
The AP finds this news thrilling.

These are not the typical wolves of political ads — not the menaces depicted by George W. Bush in 2004 or John McCain just a couple of weeks ago. These animals are bloodied, gruesome victims.

As depicted in a Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund ad, they are Sarah Palin’s prey. The commercial denounces, in graphic form, the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, a practice Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, has supported as the state’s governor.

The wildlife group is expanding the reach of the provocative ad. Starting this week, what had been limited to certain markets in Florida, Michigan and Ohio will now air in Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin.

It also will air in Missouri in time for Thursday’s vice presidential debate in St. Louis.

It’s not clear how the many outdoorsmen and women in these swing states will like the Palin-bashing wolf ads.

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