Talk About Angry Thugs… Philly Leftists Boo Sarah Palin & Her 6 Year-Old Little Girl!

Booing Obama… Bad.
Booing 6 year-old little girl & daughter of Republican… Good!

All week we’ve heard about how angry and mean the Republicans are because of 4 or 5 hecklers at the McCain-Palin rallies.
The McCain-Palin campaign has even been compared to well known Democratic racists.

Tonight– Leftists at the Philadelphia Flyer’s game booed Sarah Palin, her daughter Willow, and her 6 year-old daughter Piper as they went on the ice to drop the first puck of the season:

Governor Palin thought the big Democrat city would not boo a 6 year-old.
Apparently, she was wrong.

Surely, the liberal media who have been all over the entire “angry” GOP this week for bringing up Obama’s close association with terrorist Bill Ayers will condemn these leftist thugs for attacking a 6 year-old little girl?

The New York Times is upset of course… With Sarah Palin.

JWF has a different view.

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