Surprise!… Ted Stevens Found Guilty

This comes as no surprise.
It’s unfortunate he did not pull out of the primary.

UPDATE: This comes from a reader in Alaska:

Most in Alaska will agree that Stevens needed to go along time ago, but that Alaskans have been addicted to his ‘staying power’ in the Senate, especially with the RNC. We have needed Stevens to step down for many years but the RNC has not created any new candidates. I blame the RNC more then anything. The RNC might (and hopefully) will get lucky and get McCain/Palin elected. Our Conservative women are 10 times better candidates than our Conservative men in most cases. We need a ‘house cleaner’ in the RNC at all levels. The pick of Sarah Palin demonstrates the size of the conservative base and the financial support the RNC is ignoring. The RNC has been guilty of playing ‘double talk’, ‘compromise’, and ‘Political correctness’ to attract the liberals and have forgotten their own conservative base.

Governor Palin asked for Stevens to step down when these charges first came out, Stevens refused.

His opponent Mayor Mark Begich running against Stevens has had baggage of his own. Mark Begich has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from, he idolizes Al Gore, and he was recently investigated for ‘hiding income’ on his campaign disclosures, and the list goes on. Begich’s income cover up should have brought criminal charges, but instead a slap on the wrist, a fine and minimal reporting in the media. We are talking about a person that has been in politics his whole life and brought up in a family of politics with a chip on their shoulder.

Begich is the son of U.S. Representative Nick Begich that died in a plane crash with U.S. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs in 1972. To this date no one has ever found the crash, bodies, or the plane. There are many stories that then Begich and Boggs were getting ready to break some big stories, including possibly WaterGate before the story was broke by others. Nick Begich and Boggs were supposedly to have just left a meeting revealing Nixon criminal activity, got on a plane, and it never has shown up. The Begich family is positive that Nick Begich and Hale Boggs were killed intentionally. Mark Begich has alleged that if he ever gets to a ‘position of power’ the only thing he plans on doing is opening a Federal Investigation into his fathers death. He will sell out the state for potential personal revenge. His campaign is a personal vendetta.

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