Code Pink Nutjob Attempts Citizen's Arrest On Rove (Video)

We’re getting used to this now.
It’s now understood by conservatives that if you speak out in favor of Christianity or Israel or Life… If you proclaim your love for your country… If you are in favor of a strong defense to protect the nation…
And, especially if you serve your country as an influential conservative, you will frequently be attacked and assaulted in public by the America-hating Left.

Just look at the nasty anti-conservative talk on The View for example to see how commonplace and accepted this is in our society.

This week another deranged Leftist tried to arrest Karl Rove in San Franciso:

ABC News 7 in San Francisco thought the “political theater” was amusing.

Expect to see much more of this if Democrats win big in November.
The Left will not only continue their public threats and attacks on conservatives but they also are planning on silencing conservatives with legislation.
And, they have the leaders who will do it.

UPDATE: The nutjob is a member of Code Pink.

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